Chemical Imaging for Life

MediMass Ltd. develops and commercializes technologies to dramatically accelerate the in vivo analysis of biological tissues.

MediMass developed Intelligent Surgical Device provides information missing from the surgery room:
objective, on-line analysis of the living tissue under operation

The Intelligent Surgical Device enables better decision-making, more precise operations, higher survival rates, fewer relapses and result in considerably less extra interventions required.

Our techonolgy is capable of determining whether a given tissue is a cancerous or healthy at the location where it is most needed, where decision are required to be swift and precise; in the operating room.


Provision of precise, in-vivo information in the surgery room, for better decision, reduced risk and higher survival rates.

Due to immediate information, considerable time savings for the surgeon in the operating room, and expenses for the hospital and patient while increasing the success rate of most tumor surgery interventions.

MediMass targets device approval in all major markets by 2015 Q1

MediMass values: exact information, high qualified knowledge base. We combine cutting edge technologies from various fields and disciplines to provide the best possible information and diagnosis for our customers.

for Investors

MediMass is looking for partners to fund and execute the Intelligent Surgical Device project.

MediMass’ platform technology provides easy access to chemical information in all walks of life.